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48 Hours In Dehradun: Things To Do In Dehradun

15 June, 2022  |  By Admin

Things to do in Dehradun

5 star hotels in Dehradun, Romantic Escapades, Luxurious stay Situated peacefully on the foothills of the great Himalayas, Dehradun is certainly a place that can be considered one of the most beautiful destinations you can visit if you are planning a short trip for two days. If you are a lover of the hills and nature, it is inevitable for you not to give a thought to paying a visit to Dehradun. You, along with your friends, must have already planned a trip to Dehradun. 

Settled in the Doon Valley of the majestic state of Uttarakhand, Dehradun has a lot to offer if you, along with your loved ones, are looking forward to a picturesque background of the Garhwal Himalayas. What adds more to the value of your trip to Dehradun is the fact that you will find a pleasant climate all year round, and hence, you can plan your stay throughout the year without stressing much about the weather. 

Dehradun is an ideal place for you irrespective of the fact whether you are visiting the place with family or you are on your own being a travel enthusiast. This place is also known as the heart of Uttarakhand as it serves as a perfect destination for couples. If you are looking forward to planning a stay at one of the romantic escapades, then you must get in touch with the Arra Hotel Group as they will be providing you with the most beautiful stay at The Competent Palace. 

The city serves as the best weekend getaway destination from Delhi and other neighboring areas as it is easily accessible and talking about its beauty, and it’s unmatchable. It serves as one of the best hosts for people who love nature and seek adventure. 

You are reading this piece of article because you are quite tight on your schedule and want to make the most out of what this beautiful city has to offer in just 48 hours. Well, we have got your back as we will be laying out a plan for you so that you can enjoy your trip to Dehradun in 48 hours without missing the best takeaways from the city. 

Let’s begin with our trip to Dehradun and make the best out of your 48 hours in Dehradun. 

Things to do in Dehradun in 48 Hours

Tapkeshwar Temple 

Start your day with something positive and visit the famous Tapkeshwar Temple, a revered Lord Shiva temple that is about 19 km away from Sahastradhara. The temple is situated within a cave and is seated amidst the most beautiful hills. You will be lucky if you can get the chance to visit this temple on the auspicious occasion of Shivratri, as it is celebrated with great enthusiasm at this temple. 

Robber’s Cave

No, we are not talking about the Alibaba one; this cave is also known as Guchhupani and is around 8 km away from the main city. Being situated in a small village named Anarwala, the cave is about 600 m long and has a beautiful structure. 


Sahastradahara is well-connected with nature and is famous for its beauty. This place is well-known for its Sulphur Springs as the water drips from limestone stalactites.

Mindrolling Monastery 

The Mindrolling Monastery was established back in the year 1767 and is among the six major monasteries of the Nyingma School in Tibet. It is a famous tourist attraction in the city, and you can witness hundreds of visitors here on a daily basis. This beauty is surrounded by lush gardens and a fascinating Stupa. 

Tibetan Market 

Wanna shop a bit? The Tibetan Market in Dehradun might be the best place for you to shop as you will witness a ton of young crowds there. From colorful tops and tees to dresses and other stuff, this market has got it all. You can bargain to get your favorite items at huge discounted prices. 

Well, this might be all for your first day in Dehradun as the places are located at some distance from each other and carry different experiences of their own. It’s time to get back to your room at the Competent Palace for relaxation and to enjoy the delicious food prepared by the chefs. The Competent Palace by the Arra Hotel Group is one of the most popular 5 star hotels in Dehradun, where you can expect a remarkable luxurious stay.

Let’s start with your second day in Dehradun. 


You are only allowed to miss Mussoorie on your Dehradun trip if you have planned a separate trip to Mussoorie; otherwise, you just can’t afford to miss this beautiful hill station. Wake up early and don’t miss the chance to drive through the scenic villages and cross streams and valleys. 

Lal Tibba 

Lal Tibba should be your first destination while starting your trip in Mussorie as it is capable of providing you with spectacular views of the Himalayas. You won’t be aware of the fact that Lal Tibba was once, at the time of British rule, considered the summer capital of the state. It is the highest point in the area. 

George Everest 

You must have heard about this place if you are headed to Mussoorie but won’t be aware of the fact that Mount Everest was named after this person. George Everest was a person who lived in Mussoorie for 30 years and spent a whole lot of time in this cliffside house. This is the best place you can visit if you want to capture a panoramic view of the Doon Valley as well as the Himalayan ranges. 

Travel back to your hotel, and that sums up your 2-days trip to Dehradun. You can definitely alter the locations as per your needs, but one thing that is certain is the fact that you will fall in love with Dehradun and the entire Doon Valley for its mesmerizing views. There is a different feel and vibe of this place only a person who has been here can realize. 

Contact Arra Hotel Group and plan your stay at the Competent Palace for an unforgettable experience.