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ARRA Hotel Group Expands With Zeal

29 January, 2021  |  By Admin


As a new hotel management and marketing company, ARRA Hotel Group has its goals in place and is moving fast towards achieving them. Anshu Malik, Managing Director, ARRA Hotel Group, shares what the group’s two brands- ARRA and Twist- stand for, and their plans of expanding into the international market by 2022.

Following is an Interview with Mr Anshu Malik, Managing Director – ARRA Hotel Group

1. How is ARRA Hotel Group different from the other hotels?

We are a young brand, having a young & dynamic team. We are the fastest growing chain in India now, acquiring more hotels at very good rates. One brand is acquiring properties when people are actually doing away with properties during this COVID time.

2. How many brands/ destinations are you planning to cover under ARRA Group of Hotels?

We aim to have 25 Hotels by this year-end and around 100 hotels by 2022. Further, we intend to go International by 2022.

3. What are your goals in terms of future plans for ARRA Group of Hotels?

OUR MISSION is to be the finest and the most distinguished hospitality company at Pan India level – happy to serve; giving our guests a unique and fulfilling service quality and product satisfaction. We are committed to offering an amicable, safe and ethical environment to our team members to mutually grow and benefit with us. We are poised to build high value, meaningful and lucrative opportunities for owners, investors and associates.

4. What excites you most about the world of franchising?

We are a pure management company working on two modules. Firstly, we charge our brand fee and we take a certain part from the hotel. Secondly, is revenue share, wherein, we take the entire operational expense of the hotel.

5. What are the lucrative offers being given by ARRA Group of Hotels to travellers and assure guests that their safety is the company’s focal theme?

We will have 10 hotels operational by Feb 15 2021. They are under various stages of reinvention as per our brand standard. At the moment we have 06 operational hotels as of now. We don’t believe in cutting down rates. We offer quality & that is what we charge for. We provide our best services, the image of our hotel, branding, positioning, style of work.

6. What are the SOP’s that your hotel chain pursues?

“Atithi Devo Bhava” is our vision. We have created our own SOP’s and we implement it effectively & efficiently as we have worked with all top international brands.

7. What about the protocols that you follow for your workforce?

First, we have The Managing Director, then we have the Vice Presidents, Regional Directors, General Managers, Head of Departments and down the line, we have the other team members.

8. What have been your major challenges while setting up ARRA Group of Hotels?

We are very optimistic. Covid was definitely a challenge but we have come out of it very gracefully. We don’t care much about COVID now as the market will upbeat in the next three months. We see optimism in the industry from April 2021 onwards and we will do certainly well.

9. What is your biggest strength as a hotelier?

I am a very passionate hotelier, go-getter, very much passionate about my work and hotel.

10. What is your vision for the hospitality segment in India?

We want to be the world market/ industry leaders. In other words, we want to conquer the world with our team.

11. Did the new norms necessitate lots of changes across various departments at the workplace?

We have made minor changes which is better than the previous. One can make changes but the difficult path is implementing those changes. Our team is implementing these effectively and efficiently.

12. Do you think any home-grown hospitality brand has the capacity to be world-class and compete in global markets?

Yes, definitely and we are going to prove it to the world now.

13. How have you communicated all the aspects of cleanliness and disinfectant of the premises to guests?

We are very strong in social media. You can go through my Facebook page, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, it’s all there in it.

14. Any planning for International Tie Up?

We are a brand & management company. We have got a foreign investment in place. For more details, you can log on to our website, Facebook page, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin.

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